• Dago Schelin Philipps University Marburg, Germany


Through the making of a short film, entitled The First Job, this project attempts to investigate the issue of death and dying in the context of other films and writings. The way in which Western society has portrayed Death as a character and death as a fact is a reflection of how the issue is understood. If film narratives have changed their approach to the Grim Reaper, does it have any bearing on this often-unmentionable taboo? Filmmakers such as Ingmar Bergman and writers such as Susan Sontag have taken the questions some steps further. It is the intention of this essay to try, through reflective practice, to follow these steps.

Biografia do Autor

Dago Schelin, Philipps University Marburg, Germany

2016 Organizador e Co-Autor de Cinema Invites Other Gazes: analyzing a film from different scientific angles (ISBN 978-85-5507-196-6)

2015 Artigo para Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema - O filme Janela da alma revisitado – uma conversa com o diretor João Jardim (ISSN 1646 477X)

2015 Artigo The distance between creator and creation: a report on the (coming-to) life of a short film (ISSN 1679 4915)

2014 Artigo Video production as an expression of the being in the voiceless and faceless populations: a case report on audiovisual production with teenagers from the periphery of Curitiba (ISSN 1808 8716)